Working Together to Keep Safe and Support Learning

UPDATED 30th June

Update re September 2020

I would like to begin by once again thanking our families for the support and positive feedback we have received with regards to our ongoing work with you and your children all during school’s closure due to COVID19.  It has been a challenging time for everyone but it has been fantastic to hear your updates in person and via telephone and class emails about how everyone is coping and the wonderful ways you are all getting through lockdown.

It has been wonderful to be able to welcome back some of our children in EYFS, Year 6 and Year 1 recently and to have them settled back into school.  They have all done wonderfully well and have quickly adjusted to our new systems and structures in school and we are very proud of them all.

As well as preparing school for the return of these year groups, we have been busy finalising the staffing for September and planning for the new academic year.  You will be aware that the Government has committed to providing further guidance to schools about how more children can return to school safely from September. 

Governors and I have a shared desire to ensure plans are put into place for our school that reflect our school’s layout, size and the safest way possible for as many children as possible to return as of September and we have therefore already begun work on these plans so we are in a position to review the latest Government and scientific guidance and advice as and when the national guidance becomes available.  We plan to be able to communicate out further details of these plans before the end of term.

In the meantime, I wanted to provide families with a number of updates which I trust you will find helpful:

Reports Despite the year in school being disrupted by Covid19, we feel it is important that each child receives a record of their year celebrating all they have achieved.  We will therefore be sending out a report for each child outlining some of the highlights from their year in school for you to share with your child.  These reports will be posted out to each family at the end of this week.

Staffing for September  A number of our team will be retiring at the end of term.  Mrs Jones who has worked in our School Office for 20 years and will be missed as part of the Office Team when she leaves this term.  Mrs Elliot has worked as a Teaching Assistant at our school for 21 years and will also be greatly missed when she ends her time at our school.  Mrs Morton and Mrs Cottis are also retiring after a number of years working in school.  We will be very sad to see these valued members of the team leave our school but we know they are very much looking forward to their retirements and we wish them long, happy and healthy retirements with their families and friends.

We will also be saying farewell to some other members of the team at the end of this term.  Mrs Stewart will be leaving school to take up a new post closer to home.  I would like to thank her for her work at our school and wish her every success and happiness in her future.

Mrs King will be stepping down from her role supporting teaching and learning in classes to spend more time with her family however she will continue in her role as Mid-Day Assistant supervisor.

We will be welcoming several new teachers to our teaching team in September.  Mrs Emma Williams will be joining our school as Deputy Head Teacher, she will also be supporting teaching and learning in Year 5&6.  Mrs Williams has been getting to know the teaching team through virtual meetings whilst school has been closed and she has been working closely with myself, Mrs Jones and the rest of the Senior Leadership Team to prepare for the new academic year.

Mrs Beach will also be joining our Year 6 team and Miss Cross will be joining our EYFS team.  All three teachers are excited to be joining the Whitby Heath team and we are looking forward to them joining us at the start of next term.

We will also be joined by some familiar faces for next year, several members of staff who have taught classes as cover staff, for PPA and/or supported booster work in school this year will be joining the team as additional teachers to help support our post COVID19 plans to help children returning to school catch up with their learning throughout the coming year.  These members of staff are assigned to year groups to provide additional staffing to allow for catch up work and support wherever possible.  Miss Bartley, Mrs Gould, Miss Stanley and Mrs Macpherson have all worked within our school this year and we are delighted that they are joining the team for this important role next year.

We welcome Mrs Veitch to our school from September as our new School Business Manager.  Mrs Veitch will join Mrs Baker and Mrs Hadley in the School Main Office and we are delighted that she will be joining our team.

Please find below an outline of the teachers allocated to each year group from September 2020.  Your child’s report will include a letter which will indicate which teacher will be their new class teacher from September.  If we are still operating smaller bubble groupings at the start of the new academic year, your child will continue to be in their named teacher’s class but may be taught by one of the other teachers listed for that year group. 

As we are unable to hold move up sessions in school for children to see their new class teachers, the teachers from each year group’s teaching team have put together a Meet the Team video for your child to watch so you and your child/ren can put names to faces and meet the staff who will work with your child next year.  These videos will be available on our school website from 6th July.  We hope you and your child/ren find them helpful.

Year Group in September

Year Group Teachers


Mrs Golding – Phase Lead

Miss Cross

Miss Stanley

Year 1

Mrs Buttery/Miss Monins (SENCO)

Miss Pugh

Mrs Gould

Year 2

Mrs Wood (Phase Lead)

Miss Almond

Mrs MacPherson

Year 3

Mrs Williams

Miss Harland

Miss Bartley

Year 4

Mrs Brennan/Mrs Williams (Phase Leads)

Miss Boult

Miss Bartley

Year 5

Miss Ohri

Mr James

Mrs Williams (DHT)

Year 6

Miss Williams (Phase Lead)

Mrs Beach

Mrs Williams (DHT)

I trust this information is helpful and we look forward to sharing your child’s report from school via post in due course.


EYFS/Year 1 and Year 6 opening information

Maple Class (Mrs Morton and Miss Brennan’s class), Elm Class (Mrs Golding’s class) and Beech Class (Mrs Stewart’s class) will attend on Monday and Tuesdays and Birch Class (Miss Williams’ class), Oak Class (Mrs Williams’ and Mrs Buttery’s class) and Ash class (Miss Pugh’s class) will attend on Thursdays and Fridays.

Due to the numbers of children in these year groups in our school and the physical limitations of our school building, this reopening will be on a part time basis for all three year groups.  Therefore, we have opened school for these three year groups in the following way:

Phase 1 – Monday 22nd  June

Phase 2 – Monday 29th June

Year 1 only

EYFS, Year 1 and Y6





Beech Class

Ash Class

Maple Class

Birch Class



Elm Class

Oak Class



Beech Class

Ash Class

Wednesdays will continue to be used to provide separation between these class groups and their associated staff on site and will included preparation and clean down of resources, equipment and all areas in school.

Please note, if there is a change to the R rating or local/national guidance before these dates, these plans may change.

As always, pupil and staff safety remain our priority in all our planning and, as a result we are ensuring that the plans for a phased return are being managed with caution and in a gradual manner based on our school building/site and pupil and staff numbers.

Reminders for parents and carers of EYFS, Year 1 and Year 6 children re arrangements:

  • Staggered drop off and collection times - it is important that these timings are followed at all times.  Children will not be allowed onto site before their allocated drop off time and will not be available to collect prior to their allocated pick up time.
  • We are operating a one way system for drop off and collection for school and childcare. A pedestrian one way system will be used at these times:

Year 1 and Year 6 children are to be brought on to school site via the Wyedale gate by Pre School only – one way arrows are in place on the playground to show the route from this gate to the playground to drop off/collect and across to the Clydesdale gate to leave site. Please ensure you follow the one way system, using the left hand side of the pathway from Wyedale (the right hand side is for Pre School parent ONLY).

EYFS - children are to be brought on to school site via the Clydesdale double gate by EYFS only – a one way system will be marked to show the route from this gate to the EYFS gate to drop off/collect and loop round to return to the same gate to leave site.

Key Worker and Vulnerable children - children will continue to be brought on to school site via the Clydesdale gate by the S4YC entrance only.

School staff will be at the gate to direct you – we will be easily identified as we will be wearing hi vis jackets whilst on duty at these times.

  • If you are a parent/carer with children in other year groups who are to be dropped off or collected for Key Worker/Vulnerable childcare, please ensure you drop off/collect the child with the earliest drop off/collection time first and then make your way to the next gate following a one way route around the pavements outside school when walking from Childcare drop off/collection to Year 1/Year 6 or EYFS drop off points.
  • All children are to be dropped off and collected by an adult – no child will be permitted to walk to and from school alone at this time.  If your child is to be collected or dropped off by a child minder or adult unknown to school, you must inform the member of staff who telephones you regarding drop off and pick up times so we can make a note of these arrangements on our records. 

We ask that parents and carers who are using child minders or other relatives to collect or drop off their child/ren, support us by ensuring they update the person collecting/dropping off about the staggered drop off/pick ups, one way systems and the need for promptness arriving and leaving school site as outlined above.

Children WILL NOT be released from childcare or EYFS, Year 1 or Year 6 without an adult coming to the collection point.

  • Parents and carers will not be allowed into the school building at any point and only one adult should accompany their child for drop off and collection to reduce the number of people on site.  Staggered drop off and collection times must be adhered to and social distancing will be required by parents and carers at these times. Adults are asked to leave school premises promptly once they have dropped off/collected their child.
  • Please be mindful of our local residents and other families dropping off and collecting from school across the new staggered timings and, wherever possible, walk to and from school.  If it is necessary to drive, park away from the gate areas and not across local residents properties and return to your cars promptly once your child has been dropped off/collected.  Please ensure you maintain social distancing at all times when coming to and from school.
  • All children are asked to wear clean clothes each day (uniform will not be expected).  Please ensure your child comes to school dressed and prepared for being outdoors including suitable footwear, as we will be increasing our use of learning outdoors wherever possible.
  • Everything your child requires for childcare and lessons will be provided in school – we therefore ask that children do not bring anything in from home at this time – this includes bags, toys, etc.  The only items we would suggest your child does bring into school is a named water bottle that they will keep with them in their bubble in their bubble zone in school on the days they are on school site and this will need to be taken home each day to be cleaned. On sunny days, please provide a sun hat and apply sun lotion to your child before they leave the house as staff cannot apply lotion to any child at this time and we will be spending more time outdoors than we usually do.
  • Our school kitchen will provide packed school lunches and there will be a choice of ham, cheese or tuna sandwiches for these lunches.  No hot meals will be provided at this time.  If you prefer to send your child into school with a lunch from home, please ensure this is sent in in a disposable bagno lunch boxes/bags are to be brought into school.

Please note children in Year 6 who require a school meal will need to pay for this IN ADVANCE on their first day of attendance – we will NOT be offering payment to be daily.  We therefore ask that if your child is in Year 6 and is not eligible for Free School Meals, and you wish to order a school meal for them, that payment for each day your child will be in school up to the end of this term is sent in, in an envelope on the first day your child returns to school.

Each Year 6 child will be able to attend school for 6 days from next week to the end of term, the cost for 6 school meals is £13.80.  Payment should be made by cheque (made payable to school) or exact cash only, please.

We will not be providing a snack during the school day but ask that you provide several healthy snacks for your child e.g. fruit, breadsticks, cereal bar when they are in school as we will be having increased break times across the day as we are mindful that many children will find the structure of school day and timetabled lunch breaks difficult to readjust to and may need further energy boosts across the day.

  • There will be no breakfast or after school club provision provided by S4YC on site apart from for key workers to ensure children from different ‘bubbles’ do not mix on the same day. We ask that this is only used by key workers when absolutely unavoidable to limit the risk of your child’s ‘bubble’ being ‘burst’ when they come into school.

To help families prepare their children for return to school, I have attached a helpful set of tips at the foot of this page which outlines some guidance for parents and carers for discussing the return with their child/ren. 

As you prepare your child/ren to return to school, it may also be helpful to share with your child/ren the images from school celebrating positivity and how we are 'Stronger Together - Even When We Are Apart'  in our photograph gallery (above) and our short video at the foot of this page which outlines some of the changes we have in place to welcome children back to school.

The NHS has also provided mental health advice for parents for children returning to school.  This can be found here:


Information about our curriculum both in school and our home learning for this half term can be found below this message.

We have added COVID19 appendices to several of our school policies in relation to any wider reopening - these documents can be found in the policies tab on this website.

Keeping our school community safe

The health and safety of our school community is paramount and we insist that if your child is complaining of any of the symptoms of Covid-19, that you do not bring them into school and get them tested immediately.  If your child displays symptoms whilst at school, they will be isolated and you will be required to collect them immediately and have them tested.  Only when your child provides a negative test will they be allowed back into school.  If they test positive, then you must follow the isolation rules set out by the Government.  Additionally, if there is a positive test by any child or adult in your child’s bubble, the whole group will be required to isolate for 14 days.

In some circumstances, the school may decide, with the support of the Local Authority, to isolate a bubble earlier than the national guidance would indicate prior to the outcome of a test result being known, as Test and Trace is still so early in its implementation.

We ask that parents and carers continue to support us to keep everyone as safe as possible by continuing to observe the current social distancing guidance at all times both on and off school site so that contact with people beyond your households is limited to the current social distancing guidelines.

Other year groups

As you will be aware, the Government’s ambition for all year groups to return to school before the summer break has been revised.  We will continue to review our capacity within school as we welcome year groups back but at this stage it is unlikely that we will be able to welcome any further year groups back before the end of summer term.

The Government have provided two documents to support parents and carers at this time.  These can be found here:



Our plans will continue to be constantly reviewed with regards to the local R rating and local and national guidance. Our best endeavours will continue to keep children, staff and families as safe as possible as we move forward. 

I will continue to provide you with further updates as we move forward and I would like to once again thank you for your continued support and understanding in these challenging times.

Warmest wishes to you all



NSPCC Virtual School Assembly

The NSPCC has produced a virtual school assembly aimed at children aged 7-11 years old and run in partnership with the Department for Education (DfE), with an introduction from Ant and Dec and David Walliams. The assembly focusses on anxiety, including the worries that children are facing during the coronavirus crisis, why they may feel anxious or worried and ways they can be supported. You can watch the assembly at:


NHS Track and Trace Scams

We have been informed by Cheshire West and Chester that there has been an increase in scam calls in relation to NHS Track and Trace where people are being asked to pay for a home testing kit etc. 

NHS track and Trace Service will never ask you to pay for a test, ask for bank details, passwords or pin numbers. Never share personal details if you are not sure who you are talking to.


Teaching and Learning & Curriculum - Starting back to school for any of our children will feel strange and we are conscious that the children will need to be supported in this. As you will recognise from the summary above, children’s experiences in school will not be as they are used to and we will be carefully considering the children’s mental health and wellbeing as and when they return and will provide them any additional support so they are best prepared to adjust and be ready to learn wherever we can.  We will gradually build up the timetabled learning across the day as the children are ready, providing regular outdoor learning and wellbeing initially to support.

Home Learning - Many thanks to the parents that responded to our recent survey on this, we were delighted to receive so many positive comments and responses and your ideas for how home learning could be made even better have been used as part of our ongoing reviews of this.

We are mindful that the children in Years 2-6 will remain at home and those in EYFS, Y1 and Y6 will be attending school for two days each week as part of our plans for wider reopening.  We will therefore continue to set home learning work for children learning at home.

In response to your feedback in the survey, we will be making some adjustments to home learning from after half term so we can continue to work with you to support creating a positive learning environment at home.

Home learning tasks will be updated on a weekly basis.   This will include:

A suggested Weekly Timetable

Daily tabs to click on to for the relevant day’s tasks, resources and learning instructions for that day.

Answers tab

Class Gallery

Monday morning and Friday end of day message from teachers

We are sure you will appreciate that moving forward our staff are also  preparing and teaching in school.  As a result, maintaining daily messages will no longer be possible. As fantastic as our staff are, it will be difficult for them to be in two places at one time! Our priority will be cleaning and teaching ‘bubbles’ in our school each day and cleaning throughout school each Wednesday to ensure all staff and children are kept safe.

Staff will update gallery pages on a weekly basis..  Staff will keep checking the class emails so do please keep the pictures coming. We really do love to see what all the children are getting up to.

For many people things are difficult right now, and that’s why we’re supporting the @NSPCC who are still there for children who need their support now more than ever.
  • Whether you want support and advice for adapting to family life in lockdown, or you’re worried about a child, the NSPCC are there to help.
  • Whether you’re juggling childcare with working from home, or your children are feeling anxious about the coronavirus, the NSPCC have got tips and advice for you.
    Visit the NSPCC coronavirus hub for information and advice to support you and your children.
  • Home isn’t a safe place for every child. With schools closed and children spending more time at home, you might have spotted something that’s worrying you. If you’re worried, talk to the NSPCC. The helpline is free, and you don’t have to say who you are. The helpline is open 7 days a week.

If you’re worried about a child, please call their helpline on 0808 800 5000 or you can email help@nspcc.org.uk

Thank you to all of our children and families who continue to be Stay at Home Heroes and are keeping themselves and others safe during this time.

We have loved seeing your photographs and messages about your home learning - Ihe class galleries are a wonderful way to share what you have all been getting up to!  I hope you have enjoyed watching our Summer Smiles and weekly Shining Star videos - we think you are ALL Shining Superstars at the moment - keep it up!  Don't forget to keep up your daily reading - have you managed to guess of the staff in our Guess Who reading video? Scroll to the bottom of this page to try to spot everyone!

 It is certainly a strange and challenging time, so it’s ok if you and your child feel wobbly or worried at the moment. We’re here for you every step of the way. Remember, if you have any concerns about helping your child learn or you need any other support from the school, please contact the school office via admin@whitbyheath.cheshire.sch.uk and one of the Whitby Heath Team will get in touch.  Whilst school is closed, our main point of contact will be the home page and class pages of our website.  As and when guidance for schools to re open is provided, we will ensure we communicate this on our homepage. 

We miss the children very much, but we must follow the government’s guidance to keep everyone in our community safe. Just because we’re not all in the same building, doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun together!  Your children will continue to have lots of activities they can enjoy set by their class teachers each day via their class pages.

I know many parents and families are juggling home learning with work and other commitments, it is important that we look after each other to help to balance these juggles whilst supporting our children.  Class teachers have been sharing how families can use our My Happy Mind resource via their Home Learning tabs on class pages.  This online resource focuses on wellbeing and developing positive skills and habits.  I have also added a number of other resources and ideas, links and phone numbers below which families may find helpful during this time.

Helping Your Child at Home Whilst School is Closed:

Here are a number of things to consider whilt your child is learning at home:

While staying at home due to coronavirus , parents and carers will be concerned about their children’s education and the impact of missing school. It is important to remember - No one expects parents to act as teachers, Our children will remember how they felt during this time not what they did.

Structuring the day

Do not worry about trying to maintain a full timetable for your child like they have at school however children will feel more comfortable and learn better with a predictable routine to the day.  Try to make sure that they:

  • get up and go to bed at the same time each day
  • have regular meal times
  • have regular breaks
  • make time to be active - children are used to regular play at lunch and break times

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children

The best way to help children aged 4 to 7 learn is:

Talking - Talk with your child throughout the day and try to explain new words. For example, discuss everything you are doing and pick out words that might be new to them.

Reading together - When you read with your child try to:

  • express the emotion in the story
  • give colour to the characters using voices, tone and pace
  • discuss the things you are reading

You can make a story more interesting and help your child develop their understanding of a book by linking what you are reading to their life. For example, while reading about Cinderella going to the ball, talk about how a ball is similar to a birthday party.

Ask your child questions about what you are reading as you go. For example:

  • ask some questions that only need a short answer, such as what colour something is, or the name of a character
  • ask some questions that need a longer answer, such as how a character is feeling
  • ask them to tell you what has happened in the story so far

Libraries are currently closed, but you can find digital services they are providing at Libraries Connected.


Phonics is how we teach children how to read and write in school.  Our Read Write Inc resources and links are all available on our class pages for your child.  Try to add playing with sounds actitivites into each day - this does not have to be written - get active with Phonics - can you hide some sounds around the house for your child to go on a sound hunt to collect?


Try to help children to continue to practise their writing. This includes the formation of letters.  Ask your child to write about their day-to-day experiences of being at home, or to write letters to send to family members.


Practise counting and numbers. This does not always have to be written - for example, ask your child to count things around the house while you are doing other things.

  • if possible sit with your child as they work
  • do active and practical things, rather than trying to make them sit and listen for long periods
  • try to break down the work into shorter periods, based on how long they can concentrate
  • take frequent breaks
  • praise or reward them when they do well

Year 3 to 6 children

The best way to help children aged 7 to 11 learn is to:

  • give them support and direction, but encourage them to do work independently too
  • include active and practical things, rather than trying to make them sit and work for long periods
  • try to break down the work into shorter periods, based on how long they can concentrate
  • take frequent breaks
  • praise or reward them when they do well

To check if they are learning try to:

  • ask them questions as they go
  • talk about things they learned


Talk to your child about what they are reading. This will help them understand what they have read and encourage them to read for fun. 

Ask your child questions about what they are reading. For example:

  • ask questions that make them think about the story, such as how a character is feeling
  • ask them to tell you what has happened in the story so far


Try to help children practise their writing. Although work from school is set electronically, using pen and paper will help your child be ready for when they return to school.

Year 6 children

To prepare for going to secondary school this can be a good time for our Year 6 children to follow their own interests. For example, for:

  • history, by visiting the English Heritage website to explore England’s history
  • geography, by researching other countries
  • science, by finding out more about the human body on BBC Bitesize
  • art, by trying the activities on TATE Kids

Using digital devices

Set age-appropriate parental controls on any devices your child is using and supervise their use of websites and apps. See the links and reources further down this page linked to this to help you talk to your child about online safety.

Reducing screen time

Digital devices are not the only way to learn. Manage screen time with a timer and break up screen time by getting your child to:

  • write by hand – try asking them to complete work by hand, write a diary, a summary of things they have learned or done each day or ‘to do’ lists
  • be active and get away from the screen regularly 
  • stop using digital devices at least an hour before bed

Don't forget the further hints and tips in our Supporting Home Learning letter (see link at the bottom of this page) with lots of further ways to support your child's home learning during school's closure.  The letter includes a range of ideas and resources as well as ideas about how home learning can be made manageable.  This includes the use of Oak National Academy resources at https://www.thenational.academy/ and BBC Bitesize resources which both offer video lessons and resources.  We hope these are useful.

These are challenging and uncertain times for everyone and I appreciate the stresses and strains which the whole of our school community and beyond are faced with.  The Whitby Heath team would like to send our warmest wishes to everyone in our school community – we miss our families and children a great deal and we hope you are all able to stay safe, well and look after each other.We hope that you and your family keep safe and well and we look forward to welcoming you back to Whitby Heath when schools are able to reopen.

Thank you again for your continued support, keep safe and well.


Key Workers and Vulnerable Children

If your work is critical to the COVID-19 response, or you work in one of the critical sectors, our school staff are committed to providing childcare whilst you are at work to enable you to keep the country operating. Furthermore, we will take all practical steps to keep our vulnerable children safe and we will endeavour to provide care, when and if it is needed.   We do, however, need to ensure that the suggested 10-20% of our school population (approximately 40-80 places) is used as guidance to ensure safe social distancing and staffing for such childcare can be maintained and sustained throughout the closure. 

S4YC will offer before and after school club places for children who attend school for childcare. To access S4YC’s before and after school club,  parents can book in the usual way via https://s4yc.schoolipal.co.uk  Please note these places can only be booked once your child has been confirmed a place in school care during the closure.

NHS Coronavirus Helpline

This is a 24 hour crisis line for all residents of Cheshire West, Cheshire East and Wirral - 0300 303 3972

Meals, Food Shopping and Other Practical Support


Foodbanks are available in our area - call 0151 355 7730  or visit westcheshire.foodbank.org.uk to find out more about this support.  Please see the document attached at the foot of this page for further information.

Cheshire West and Chester has a Community Response Group looking at access to food for vulnerable people across tthe area. A dedicated response for vulnerable groups at higher risk from serious complications as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.  There is a dedicated helpline to provide advice and support, and where necessary make arrangements for food, medicines and social contact.

•         Telephone: 0300 123 7031

•         Opening hours: every day from 8am to 7pm

•         Email: enquiries@cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk

Further support is available for families via the Live Well Chehsire website at: https://www.livewell.cheshirewestandcheshiter.gov.uk/Categories/4855

Free School Meals

Free School Meals does not include Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) where all government funded schools offer free school meals to pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.   If your child was receiving UIFSM but you believe you may be eligible for Free School Meals please apply here https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/education-and-learning/school-meals.aspx

BEWARE - Scam around Free School Meals

We have been informed that some parents and carers of children in receipt of free school meals are being targeted by fraudsters. Fraudsters are targeting families, emailing parents and carers with messages such as ‘If your child is entitled to free school meals send your bank details to the school and they will help with funding while the school is closed’. The email contains links for the parents to follow if they want to receive the this funding – these links are fake. This is a scam. Please be alert to this.

Messages from our PCSO

Whilst school is closed, PCSO Wendy Dalton is sending regualr messages to all of our children and familes - her latest message can be found a the bottom of this page.

Police Helpdesk

To support the public to report concerns to the Police, Ellesmere Port Police are providing a daily helpdesk staffed by Police Officers who can provide immeidate support to anyone who needs help.  The Police Helpdesk will be open from 2pm - 3pm daily at Ellesmere Port Police Station. 

Cheshire Families Magazine

Families is a print magazine for parents of young children. There is a UK-wide network of 40 local editions run by local editors with over 800,000 copies distributed 6 times a year across the country. Until March this year there has been a local edition in Cheshire. Local editors now cannot get their magazine out as it is distributed by schools, nurseries, libraries. They have now created a digital issue which contains important and useful information to help families get through this difficult period. It can be found at:

Families Cheshire Magazine Lockdown issue

Think You Know Home Learning Activities

This resource been created to support parents during COVID-19 and the closure of schools. Each fortnight, CEOP will be releasing new home activity packs with 15 minute activities you can do with your child to support their online safety at a time when they will spending more time online at home. This reosurce can be found at:


Useful Internet Safety websites:

NSPCC - https://www.nspcc.org.uk/keeping-children-safe/online-safety/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=GEN_-_Safety_-_[BMM]&utm_term=internet_safety&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI06eznY


Thinkyouknow - https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ (advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online).

Internet Matters - https://www.internetmatters.org/

Parent Info - https://parentinfo.org/

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