Exciting News for George Shaw

The English Federation of Disability Sport, sent a request to George's dad after the Cerebral Palsy Sport recomended him to them following a video interview he did to promote CP sport. The EFDS are piecing a blog together and asked George if he would answer some questions.

Which sport do you play and why do you enjoy it?

George: ' The sport I play is football, the thing I enjoy the most is when I was little I couldn't walk and I had to use a K Frame, and ever since I got off the frame I always give 110% and try harder and never give in. I never think I can't do something. I always try harder to have a go. Football makes me happy because I'm doing what I love and enjoy and it is fun. It's not all about winning it's about the taking part and that's why I love it the most.'

Why should people play sport?

George: 'People should play sport because it's a great thing to do, it gives you exercise and keeps you fit and you never know , you might make a career out of it'.

What is your best sporting highlight?

George: 'When I scored my first goal for CP United, also when I got  my first ever goal at the Claire House Cup and got Player of the Tournament'

George's dad receieved a call from England CP Team saying someone had 'Scouted' George. Unfortunately they didn't realise his age, as he needs to be 12 to play in the team. So they said they would keep his detials until he is the right age. If he is still as good then as he is now they will take him on and if he is still involved with them when he is 17 he might play for Team GB in the Paralympics!


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