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Curriculum Information for Summer 2


Writing: Creative writing related to Jacques Cousteau.


 Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau




‘How will our world look in the future?’



The Ancient Greeks – ‘What did the Greeks do for us?’

The impact of war – ‘Did WWI or WWII have the biggest impact on our locality?’


Science: Electricity– Within this unit we will be creating circuits and learning about different components.

Art: Sculpture and 3D – making memories

DT: Digital World – navigating the world. 

RE: Christianity - What is the Kingdom of God and what do Christians believe about the afterlife? 

Music: Musical minds

PE: Athletics

MfL: Pets & Bastille Day

PSHE: Living in the world – expressing opinions and expressing views 

Computing: Sensing – Micro:bit


Important Information for Summer 2

PE- Year 6 will have their PE sessions on MONDAYS.

PE Uniform: 

  • Team colour t-shirt
  • Plain black shorts
  • Black pumps for indoor PE
  • Trainers for outdoor PE
  • Tracksuits, sweatshirts and leggings can be worn for outdoor PE in colder weather 
  • Ear rings must be removed and long hair must be tied back


Reading Book Changes


It is expected that all children will read at home at least five times each week. This can be a mixture of reading with support from an adult and independent reading. It can be their home reader, a magazine, newspaper, library book, or any other book that your child would enjoy reading. All home reading should be recorded in home-school diaries, this can be as simple as individual date and signature and the book that has been read as well as comment about how your child has read.

All children at Whitby Heath read daily in class whether it be on a 1:1 basis or working within group. As a school, we aim for ‘Strive for Five’. Using our Dojo reward system to celebrate this achievement. As a result, parents will receive a notification of this via the Dojo app as well as children receiving a stamp in their Reading Record indicating their total number of reads each week. 

Each child has an allocated day that their book/s will be changed, linked to their house teams:

Donaldson- Monday

Seuss- Tuesday

Dahl- Wednesday

Rowling- Thursday

In school, we use children’s Reading Records to keep a record of what the children are reading rather than a dialogue between parents and school. We love to see parent comments about how they have got on if you have listened to them reading aloud or have asked them some questions about what they have read. We look forward to catching up with parents about children's reading progress in our parent’s evenings. 

Homework Information

Maths homework will be set on Mathletics every week and English homework will be set every week on Class Dojo. Homework is set on a Friday and is due by Tuesday.

Times Tables

Please also practice the times tables that your child is on. Children are tested twice every week and cannot move on to the next times table until they have passed their current level three times. This includes multiplication and division.


Should parents need to contact the Year 6 team please send a direct message through ClassDojo. All communication from school will be shared in this way. 

Other useful websites for learning at home

  • Mathletics 

  • Timestables Rockstars
All children have a login for this website.

  • Hit the Button
A great way to practice times tables at home.

  • Newsround
A place for children to keep up with current events!

  • National Geographic Kids
A lovely website for children to learn more about animals, wildlife and the world around them.

  • BBC Bitesize
A place full of information that covers the range of the subjects and topics we study in school.


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