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Science Subject leader- Miss Harland


Science is taught throughout the school from EYFS to Year 6. Y1- Y6 have weekly science lessons and EYFS experience science through their continuous provision.

We have recently been awarded the Primary Science Quality mark to celebrate the subject leadership, teaching, learning and wider opportunities of science at Whitby Heath.

Prisci Quality Mark (@Psqm_HQ) / Twitter

Our science curriculum has been carefully thought out to ensure it not only follows the National Curriculum but, where possible, it also aligns with our English and history/geography units to provide cross-curricular learning.

At Whitby Heath we encourage science beyond lessons, providing a variety of opportunities to extend learning and inspire a love of science. This allows pupil's to have an understanding of science in the wider world. Opportunities include British science week, after school clubs such as STEM club and a science book club. We also have links with external providers to further extend opportunities for our pupils.

Please find linked a variety of documents that give you further information science teaching and learning at our school.



Our vision is to ensure that all pupils, including those from a disadvantaged background and those with special educational needs, are confident in the broad range of areas within science, including both knowledge and skills. We believe that science teaching at our school is good when it secures knowledge and skills by encouraging children to go deeper in their learning. We believe in promoting scientific enquiry within children and following their own lines of enquiry. Pupils achieve this by having many opportunities for practical learning in the classroom, as well as exploring the wider world which includes regular, meaningful use of the school grounds and the local area. Children are also given opportunities to use the outdoor classroom in order to bring learning to life. This will all ensure children have experiences in abundance to allow their knowledge, vocabulary and scientific skills to flourish. We aim to ensure that science teaching and learning links to children’s own lives, where possible, to further enhance their learning.


  • To promote and develop a love of science.
  • To promote and develop pupils’ enjoyment and enthusiasm for enquiry-based learning.
  • To ensure that, as a core subject, the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for science are taught well and applied across other areas of the curriculum when possible.
  • To ensure that the national curriculum is taught through exciting, practical, hands-on learning with opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge.
  • To ensure pupils have opportunities for outdoor learning.
  • To ensure working scientifically skills are embedded and built on sequentially across the school.
  • To ensure key knowledge is referred to and built upon across the years and key stages to ensure there are firm building blocks for growth of knowledge.
  • To develop pupil’s confidence with science vocabulary by ensuring there is progression and repetition of key terms.
  • To ensure that pupils are exposed to science enquiry in EYFS.
  • To work collaboratively with teaching staff to create high quality science lessons that are engaging and inspiring.
  • To ensure staff feel confident in assessing pupils’ knowledge and skills within science.
  • To monitor the effective teaching, learning and assessment of science.

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