School Ambassadors


We believe that the more involved a child is in their learning then the more effective their learning is. For this reason, we value all opinions from all children from all year groups. We are keen to take on board any points raised by our school ambassadors.

Our work to becoming a rights respecting school is very much child led with the school ambassadors at the heart of this. The roles our ambassadors have in school vary from helping out around the school, finding innovative and exciting ways to fundraise,  attending important meetings, helping the school run smoothly at play times and lunch times and many more important activities.

We hope you enjoy our updates:


Anti Bullying week 13-17th November


Our school ambassadors led an assembly to let the rest of the school know about Anti-Bullying week.


Odd socks day 19th November- no donation required. Children wear odd socks for the day to celebrate being unique and all different. 



Odd Socks Day - Co-op Academy Woodlands

We started this year’s Anti-Bullying Week by taking part in Odd Socks Day. Odd Socks Day is an opportunity to express ourselves and celebrate our individuality and what makes us all unique.

This year’s theme for Anti-Bullying Week is ‘Reach Out’. Andy and the Odd Socks released a new version of their song ‘Calling Out’ just for Odd Socks Day. You can watch this below: 


Children in Need- Friday 17th November

BBC Children in Need are making changes | NICVA

On Friday 17th November the school ambassadors organised a non-uniform day to raise money for Children in Need. The school ambassadors also confidently begun the week with an informative assembly to tell the children about the charity and why it was so important.

Children in Need is a BBC charity with a mission to help ensure that every child in the UK is safe, happy, secure and has the opportunities they need to reach their potential. This year, we joined together with BBC Children in Need and joined The Great SPOTacular!

Throughout the week, children got involved with spotty outfits, spotty games and spotty challenges. On Friday 17th November children will be allowed to wear their own clothes.

Additionally, throughout the week the ambassadors helped to organise activities for anti-bullying week.