Subject lead: Miss N Ohri


At Whitby Heath, History forms the basis of our curriculum. We aim to ensure that all pupils have a clear understanding of different aspects of the past, from the prehistoric period, to the ancient era and modern historical events. 

Our curriculum has been designed, in line with the national curriculum, to ensure that our pupils have a comprehensive understading of chronology, siginifcant events, people and eras. We explore both British and World History.




Our vision is to ensure that all pupils are able to develop their historical skills, vocabulary and chronological understanding throughout all areas of the History curriculum. We further aim to deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding of historical eras and significant events and individuals, allowing them to develop an understanding of how the past influences our present. We aim to ensure all pupils’ can confidently recall historical information and make links between historical eras. Our vision is to ensure that high standards are achieved, that History is taught well and that pupils make at least good progress at every stage of their journey through our school.





  • To continuously review and develop the History curriculum to ensure there are clear links between historical eras studied across the year and across phases.
  • To ensure there are clear links to whole school themes, enquiry questions and (where possible) other curriculum areas.
  • To develop and embed vocabulary to include historical concepts, including vocabulary which is used continuously across the History curriculum.
  • To ensure pupils’ in EYFS have a solid understanding of ‘past’ before progressing into KS1, and for KS1 pupils to confidently understand the concepts of ‘significance, ‘beyond and within living memory’, before progressing into KS2.
  • To ensure children in KS2, have a solid understanding of chronology through the use of consistent timelines and progression of skills document.
  • To continue to embed and review assessment practices that will provide a more accurate reflection of how pupils’, groups and cohorts are performing in History.
  • To use baseline from 2021-2022 to ensure all pupils are making good or better progress in History.
  • To continue to develop pupils’ writing skills across the curriculum and ensure pupils’ are also applying their historical knowledge to written tasks.
  • To ensure exceeding pupils are challenged in History and use their historical knowledge and interpretations of the past, to develop their own opinions.
  • To promote educational visits and immersion events within History curriculum.


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