We are proud of our uniform, and the wearing of this is supported by Governors and Parents. We believe that the wearing of a uniform is an important part of being in our community. 

Our School Uniform

  • Black or grey school trousers or grey school skirt or pinafore  dress (knee length)

  • White short or long sleeved shirt with a collar, or a polo shirt with a collar (green polo shirt is optional)

  • Green jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt – cardigans at waist length

  • Grey or white socks

  • Black shoes with flat heel or plain black trainers – no thin straps, heels or boots

  • Green, white or black hair bands, slides, bobbles, etc

For P.E

  • Black Pumps for indoor P.E.

  • Trainers for outdoor P.E.

  • Plain T-shirt in House Team colour (red/blue/green/yellow)

  • Plain black shorts

  • Black hoodie and black tracksuit bottoms for outdoor P.E.

For more information, please read our uniform policy: Uniform Policy


Uniformity and The Uniform Shop stock our school uniform and have online shops: 

Because  the children’s clothing all looks the same it is important that it is labelled clearly with your child’s first name and surname and their class too.


For heath and safety reasons no jewellery is to be worn by children in school. A small watch is acceptable. Children with pierced ears may wear a small stud but this must be removed for P.E. Please ensure that these are removed at home if your child is unable to remove these themselves.


Long hair must be tied back using discreet hair accessories –no long beads, large flowers or extensions! Very short hair and patterns cut into the hair is discouraged.


Children are not allowed to wear makeup, nail varnish or have transfers/ tattoos. Children will be asked to remove these.

Additional Items 

Children are discouraged from bringing toys and items from home unless linked to an activity and discussed with the class teacher. Although every effort is made to ensure items brought in by children are looked after, school cannot be held responsible for items, broken or lost. Any item must be brought into school is at parents discretion and is the child’s responsibility. This includes instruments or equipment brought into school for a club activity. It is at the discretion of the class teacher to decide to remove items brought from home during the day for safe keeping and will return them to the child at the end of the day.

Children are not allowed mobile phones or other electrical games/ goods in school. If a child brings any of these to school the class teacher will remove the item for safe keeping and return it at the end of the day . Any item in school is the responsibility of the child and school cannot be held responsible for lost or broken items.