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RWI Resources to Support at Home

Please find below links to printable materials to support you in helping your child to learn sounds and practise reading sounds in real and alien words and reinforce learning happening in school.  If you are unsure which sounds and words to focus on, please see your child's class teacher for advice.


Set 1 Sounds  Flashcards 

Set 1 Green Word Flashcards

Set 1 Alien or Nonsense Word Flashcards


Set 2 Sounds Flashcards

Set 2 Green Word Flashcards

Set 2 Alien or Nonsense Word Flashcards


Set 3 Sounds Flashcards 

Set 3 Green Word Flashcards

Set 3 Alien or Nonsense Word Flashcards



Please see the attached files below for slides to help with fluency for each set of sounds being taught. 

Files to Download

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