Character Words and Character Pledges

Character Words

At Whitby Heath Primary School, we pride ourselves on supporting and valuing the whole child and can recognise and appreciate achievements beyond the academic. 

Over the last year, the children have embraced the launching of our Character Words. These describe key characteristics and values that we wish to promote and reward amongst our children.


The EYFS/KS1 Character words are:

Bravery, Effort, Kindness, Patience, Honesty and Respect

KS1 words pic.jpg

In KS2 they are:

Creativity, Courage, Compassion, Determination, Generosity, Perseverance, Conscientiousness, Integrity

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Character Pledges

in 2021-22, our School Ambassadors worked alongside students from Whitby High to use our Character Words to create a set of challenges or ‘pledges’ that the children can take part in to show how they embody the meaning and spirit behind these characteristics. Their hard work resulted in them pitching their ideas to Senior Leaders in school, asking to launch this exciting new reward scheme that values not just how they do in their learning, but recognises the importance of the wonderful young people they are growing into. We’re delighted to report that their pitch was successful, and the School Ambassadors were thrilled to introduce our ‘Character Pledges’!

Each half term, the focus will be on a different Character Word and children will be set a series of challenges to demonstrate how they show these wonderful characteristics, both at school and at home.

The Levels of Challenge

There are three levels of challenge each half term: bronze, silver and gold. Children are invited to work through these in order by showing the traits and characteristics in a variety of ways. By the end of each half term children will receive 10 points if they complete the gold challenge, 5 points if they complete the silver challenge and 2 points if they complete the bronze challenge. Some challenges will be acknowledged by teachers based on their time in school and others will give parents a chance to share how the attributes have been shown at home or in out-of-school clubs. Parents can share via the Seesaw Family App or class email where their child has achieved a pledge out of school.

The Rewards

At the end of each half term, children will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold sticker and certificate to show which level of the challenge they have achieved. At the end of the year, children will receive a pin badge of the corresponding award colour depending on points accrued throughout the year. A gold pin badge will be awarded to children who gain 50 points or above, a silver pin badge will be awarded to children who gain 20 points or above and a bronze pin badge will be awarded to children who gain 10 points and above. Children are further encouraged to gain as many points as they can to contribute to their class total. The winning class each term will receive a class treat/reward.


We are incredibly proud of the wonderful, kind, compassionate and creative children we have here at Whitby Heath. We really hope that this new challenge will enable us to share with you as parents and carers all the ways that our children impress, beyond just their academic achievement.

We are very grateful for your support in promoting and facilitating this challenge so that we really can show our children just how much we value the incredible young people they are.

Attached are the full lists of both the EYFS/KS1 and KS2 pledges so you can see how chidlren can get involved and show their wonderful achievements.

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