Values and Ethos

At Whitby Heath Primary School, we pride ourselves on our vision 'Excellence in a Caring Community all Moving Forward Together with Hope'. This is rooted in all that we do and all that we strive to do.


Throughout our school, we celebrate and encourage all children, across all areas of school and home life, to reflect our values and ethos. These are depicted through our 14 character words: Honesty, Respect, Kindness, Effort, Bravery, Patience, Integrity, Determination, Courage, Compassion, Creativity, Perseverance, Generosity , Conscientiousness.


Through our core learning vision, we seek to develop self-motivated and enquiring learners who are curious, ask questions and seek to make connections within their learning. The foundations of our curriculum are rooted in purposeful, quality first-hand experiences, designed to secure knowledge and skills by encouraging all our learners to go deeper in their learning so each individual grows and achieves their true potential.